Going Strong

I have a picture like this on my bulletin board and it gets my pumped every time I look at it!

What a gorgeous weekend! I spent plenty of time outdoors romping around, did my first workout of week 4 of C2k, and of course, ate some delicious food.

The Run: Early Saturday morning we headed to our favourite trail to complete the first workout of week four. I wasn’t even nervous this time; perhaps due to the fact that I accidentally did double the workout last time, workout 3 of week three seemed easy, so I was psyched for this run! If you’re not familiar with the program, week four consists of 3 mins run, 1.5 mins walk, 5 mins run, 2.5 mins walk. Repeat. The last five minutes was difficult, but Scoob and I pressed on. Felt fantastic afterward and joyful throughout the day.

The Hike: Today a friend and I went for a hike in the woods and enjoyed a picnic afterwards. The first part of the hike was straight up a steep hill and I was trying to think up some interesting/believable excuse as to why I could not carry on if we were to continue like this, but thankfully, we took another path that lead us down to a refreshing waterfall.

I could have hung out here all day.

 Would not have dared wearing such an outfit last summer.

The Food: Made a delicious omelet Saturday and Sunday morning. I used coconut butter to lightly cook broccoli and mushrooms and then added two eggs. After I have flipped it, I add some peppered goat cheese. Delish! The coconut butter (similar to coconut oil) gives the veggies extra flavour and helps to brown them nicely. I also toasted a piece of sour dough made with pumpkin/sunflower seeds that I bought fresh from a vendor on Saturday. So tasty!

I feel really good about the changes I’ve been making over the past few months. This past week I walked or ran six out of seven days. I found myself itching to get out and move! I was even a bit surprised at the look of my legs this week. I glanced at myself in the mirror as I often do (can’t help it, have a huge wall mirror in my bathroom!) and thought to myself, “Well hello legs, you are looking better these days!”

The other day one of my grade one students said to me, “Miss Sherry, why are you always running?”

After discussing how much better I feel when I eat well and move, I whipped up my skirt (respectfully of course) and showed the kids my legs, explaining that they used to be lumpy blobs and I like how they are getting healthier! That seemed to satisfy him and he proceeded to tell me how he can run and he walks a lot with his family. So cute!

These legs are getting there! Notice my Zoomba Doodle in the background getting a drink!

I couldn’t readily find a picture of my legs before, but I did find this pic:

 This is how I used to look around five years ago.

How was your weekend? Are you going strong towards your goals? You know I love it when you share!

4 thoughts on “Going Strong

  1. So glad to hear your training is going well and that you getting those beautiful runner’s legs that you were searching for when we first met. Keep up the great work!

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