I Hear You Loud and Clear

The first picture is me in Cuba, May 2011. The second one is around a week ago.

As a teacher I am very good at foreseeing and supporting students’ difficulties. Although when it comes to spotting signs and learning my own lessons, I am what my mother and I affectionately call “a wee bit slow” (sounds cool if you say it in an Irish accent). Usually it takes something crashing on my head and knocking me unconscious, to stop me from continuing down the wrong path.

It all started Monday around 5:00pm when after a long day without spares and an after school meeting, I was too lazy/tired to make a nutritious dinner. I didn’t eat anything junky, but I did not eat enough, nor get the amount of good stuff from my food as I usually do. In retrospect, I can see that one error set me up for a less than stellar week.

I’ll save you the boring “Dear Dumb Diary,” entry and just give you the simple facts:

  •  Tuesday morning I was very tired and grouchy.
  • Tuesday afternoon came home and slept way too long.
  • Didn’t eat properly on Wednesday due to another long day without breaks (parent-teacher night)
  • Wiped out on Thursday from Wednesday’s long day and lack of nutrition
  • Too tired to go shopping for food in Thursday, so had another less than ideal supper and Friday morning breakfast.

Do you see what I’m getting at here? You probably saw it right away, but I didn’t see it until this afternoon (Friday). I knew something was off, but I was wrapped up in myself as usual. Now, I get the message loud and clear:

I have to plan for days/weeks like these so I won’t be so easily thrown off my game.

Ok. I got it. At least it only took my five days this time.

Please share with me! What throws you off your game? How do you handle it?

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