Love Your Life

I have this on my fridge and I look at it often. I’ve wondered what my life would look like if I loved it. I’ve been waiting. It came to mind last night while relishing a walk in our favourite park. Yesterday I loved my life.

The day began with “The Run”. I’m calling it that because although it may not seem like much (Week 2/ Workout 3 of C25K), to me it is a big deal. All week I was full of excuses of why I could not run that day; too hot, too tired, long day, knees/legs/feet/back/pinky finger hurt, etc. I seriously contemplated quitting. “Why did I say I would do this?” I woefully asked myself. The idea of quitting made me feel like a bit of a loser, but by Friday I almost had myself convinced that it was no biggie to quit. Then I put out the call to friends for motivation.

My friends answered! Lots of positive words came my way along with suggestions on how to make the run more doable/ enjoyable. In the end, it was simply me. Even though I felt low on energy, had mild cramps in my stomach and was generally a little nervous after not running for over a week,  I put on a water bottle belt (for the first time) and loaded Scoob into the car at 8:00am.

It was great! The sun was shining and the temperature was perfect. When I began I felt a little rusty. One negative thought popped into my head and I promptly kicked its arse right back out again. I got into a little groove. Turns out Scooby is a great running partner. He gets excited when I start running and sometimes almost pulls me along, keeping us at a good pace. He also distracts me from the time; I watch him sniffing, tail wagging (I swear he is smiling) instead of watching the time. Afterwards I felt STELLAR!

That feeling continued throughout the day. I went to a couple of yard sales with a friend. Browsed a few shops, ate healthfully, cooked, got groceries and ended the day with a walk at our favourite park.

He loves this ball so much he insisted on carrying it the entire walk!

On one side of the park is the river

On the other side are two lakes/ponds like this one. The trail loops around both.

Jake (aka Scoob, Lover Doodle, Handsome Face, Babes, Zumba, Zhu Zhu, etc.) and I can wander freely, often without encountering another soul. The woods are beautiful and calming and I always feel good after visiting this place.

What do you love about your life? Tell me about one of your STELLAR days!  I love getting comments. Please share!

6 thoughts on “Love Your Life

  1. Thank you for remotivating me. I needed that. And now I’m really thinking anout what my life would look like if I loved it. Awesome post.

  2. I love reading about your C25k journey; thanks for sharing with, and inspiring, the world!

    A STELLAR day? Today!! 🙂
    -awakening to my loved one’s smiling face, fresh coffee, and a vegan chocolate cake;
    -listening to the cars swoosh through the rain-touched streets;
    -indulging in the twittersphere and in blogs like yours;

    Thanks for asking the question, and helping me to see that ‘stellar-osity’ is right here, right now!

    Peace & wishes for another stellar day to you.


    • My dog is seriously my best friend. He does everything with me, from lazing around on rainy days, to running, hiking, playing, even shopping! (Well he waits in the car) 🙂

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