You’ve Got to Try This

Seriously. Yum!

It’s true I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks. Lots of things have crossed my mind, but none I felt compelled to write about. Until now.

As soon as I tasted this deliciously simple concoction  I knew I was going to post it on here. Be prepared to be wowed!


In a food processor blend:

3 heaping tablespoons of yogurt

2-3 chopped frozen bananas (I always have some in my freezer for smoothies)

1/2 cup of berries

splash of almond milk

Oh, my YUM! Of course you can make any substitutions you want for the fruit and yogurt, but let me tell you something: These berries are the BEST! I have been putting them in my overnight oats for a few weeks now and I love them.

I shared this with my sister who loves sweets as much as she loves our mother and she rated it 10/10.

Go ahead. Try it. Let me know if you love it 🙂

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