A Small Corner of the World

A small corner of fruit in Coaticook, Quebec

I had the pleasure of passing part of a sunny afternoon in what felt like a piece of Eden. From the moment we pulled up in the car I could sense something special about this place. As we got out of the car, four big dogs came bounding up to us and not far behind followed the owner of the farm.

She was delighted to see us. Although I have never met her before, she embraced me in the traditional french way, kissing both cheeks welcoming me. Jocelyn, a friend of my friend, used to be a dentist, but now works on her farm full-time. She led us on a tour of her most prized possessions; apple, plum and peer trees, raspberry and blueberry bushes, all organically grown, weeded by hand. By hand!

As we meandered through the grounds (gazebo, garden, hammock, kittens, bees, wild mint) and then through her house (working kitchen where she cooks up her creations, loft of paintings and puppets she was making for small friends) I couldn’t help but get swept up in her exuberance. She served us rhubarb punch and we went out to sit and chat in the gazebo.

Sitting in the hammock chair, I listened to Jocelyn and my friend talk, mostly in French. It was tricky to follow everything they said, but make no mistake, this was a passionate woman. She talked about the need to connect to our food and how she won’t put anything on her plants (to grow) that she would not put in her mouth. She told us about food she had created, how she shared it with others, as food was meant to be. Of how so many people were not able to see beyond what was right in front of them, a plant, to the bigger picture. At one point she spoke in English and said, ” These plants don’t need me, I need them.”

“Yes!” ” Yes!” “Yes!” I was shouting in my head. I feel you sister! Of course I did not say that out loud, but I did tell her I liked the way her brain works.

It was wonderful to bask in that glow of positive energy, renewing my commitment to myself to eat whole food. Of course, now I really want to have a place like that, where I too can whip up some creations and share them with others for the sheer joy of it. I’ll put it on the list…

The top window is the loft.

How relaxing does that look?

Entry into the raspberry and blueberry bushes.

Enjoying the gazebo.

This chair was lulling me to sleep!

4 thoughts on “A Small Corner of the World

  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful afternoon 🙂 🙂 🙂 That place looks awesome………perhaps some day you will have your own!!

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