Couch Potato No More!

My new running route

I don’t own a couch, but “Lazy Boy Potato No More” just doesn’t have the same ring to it!

After an extremely busy week of wrapping up things in Lennoxville (last day of school with the kids, last day of work, saying goodbye, family coming to pack up my life), I finally arrived home in Nova Scotia and got back to the business of my running challenge. On Saturday I headed out to do workout 3 of week 5, which consisted of running continuously for twenty minutes.

Now, it has taken longer than five weeks to get here. Due to weather and various road blocks (often created by me) I sometimes ran only once or twice a week. However, I kept going, willing each time to do better.

There was such a build up to this run! When I saw that the schedule went from running eight minutes at a time max, to twenty minutes straight, I got a little freaked. I read a blog entry where a woman was unable to do it and thought to myself, “If she can’t do it, how can I do it?” I complained to anyone who would listen and criticized the C25K program. I asked my dad and other friends who run for their thoughts, searching for supporters who would agree that it was too hard for me. In the end, I followed Nike’s advice: Just do it.

Although my mind was skeptical, my heart knew  I could do it. I set out in unfamiliar territory, complete with hills (mini ones, but they are still hills!) and told myself I could do it. And I did! Truth be told, it wasn’t even that hard. I went slow, not thinking about time, concentrating on distance. When I hit twenty minutes, I rushed back to the house to announce my success to my mom. I was so excited and proud of myself, I forgot to stretch! I have never in my life run for twenty minutes straight. What a feeling! I then got her to come outside to take photos 🙂

What have I learned? This program works. I can do more than I imagined. Time to stretch my imagination.


10 thoughts on “Couch Potato No More!

  1. I’m so proud of you and so happy that you are reaching for the stars and achieving your goals! You go girl!!!! xoxo

  2. AWESOME!!! Keep up the good work and the positive attitude. You ALWAYS acheive what you set out to when you have that 🙂

  3. Nancy, I know you CAN actually do anything you decide to. I remember how shocked I was when you told us all that the Disney Marathon trip was the first big thing you had ever committed to and completed. I was shocked because I had known you could do it (the fundraising and the training and the race) all along and it surprised me to hear that you weren’t sure. you can do it ALL. You are one of the most capable women I know! Gwen

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