I’m in Love!

I bet you were about to tip off your chair with excitement thinking I meant with a man weren’t you? Although I do have an abundance of affection for my imaginary boyfriend Zach (he’s a surfer), I was talking about Guacamole.

Oh, my yum! Tastes great and avocados are stupidly healthy for you.

Here’s my simple recipe:

1 avocado

1 clove of crushed garlic

1 roma tomatoe finely chopped, or any kind you like

squirt of fresh lemon juice

Cut up the avocado into small pieces and mash them up with a fork. Add all other ingredients and stir. You can play around with the amounts to suit your taste. Some people put lime instead of lemon, others use onions. It took me awhile to figure out I like it best this way.

Since I started eating cleaner, I have been making guac and putting it on Ryvita crackers, or on a pita sandwich, eating the whole batch for supper! Delish.

What do you eat for supper? Share with me, I am getting bored with my creations!

6 thoughts on “I’m in Love!

  1. Well you know me….the picky little eater so nothing I could tell you I ate would excite you! Oh well, good thing I’m little cute!!!!!

    • No salt :), never thought of it! Love cilantro and put in in homemade salsa, but I like the taste of the avocado and find cilantro over powers the guac. The photo is a stock photo 🙂

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