Join Me For a Spot of Tea?

Whether you enjoy a traditional (in Nova Scotia anyway) cup of black tea, or one of a more exotic variety, say Pu-erh,, I’m sure you’ll agree tea has healing powers. For some it has the power to call forth memories of a different time, or to provide much needed comfort. It can simply be a welcomed way to warm up.

As if you didn’t see it coming, I love tea! My grandparents always had a pot of tea on the stove and enjoyed a cup each night after supper. Back then they used Carnation canned milk, lending the tea a sweetness my young palate adored. These days, when I’m home, I am a happy participant in my mumsy’s “tea time”, also savoured after supper.

I was introduced to green tea in Korea and have since enjoyed many a cup. Not only for the soothing taste, but also because it is flush with antioxidants. If you have been following my blog, you know that I have even made iced green tea. I do get such a tingle when I consume something I know is good for me; that in itself is powerful!

After reading about David’s Tea shop on Joy’s site,, my friend and I set out on a tea hunt. With our Tea Menu in hand, we quickly realized the choices were a bit overwhelming. Since both of are interested in making healthy changes in our lives, we focused on teas we thought could help us out.

My first pick was a green tea known as Detox Organic. It is described as a “tasty blend of rooibos, sencha, ginger, ginko, lemongrass and juniper berries”. Sounded good to me! The other one I chose, Sweet Dreams Organic is a herbal blend deemed by Joy to send you off to La La Land properly.

I tried the green tea this afternoon with creamy unpasturized honey and it was delicious. It did not taste like any green tea I had before, maybe due to the fact that it was a mixture of many things. I give it an “A”.  I also bought Agave, a natural sweeter derived from the Agave plant, but I forgot to put it in my tea! I will try the dreamy one tonight and let you know how it is.

Tea treasures purchased at David’s Tea:  (Thanks to Catherine and Jean for the tea pot)

Do you like tea? How do you enjoy a favourite cup? Please share with me 🙂

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