This is what I …


This is what I put on my kitchen table to inspire me this week. You can see Scoob in the background. I swear, he’s like Waldo from, “Where’s Waldo?”!

I get so many ideas at various times, that I cannot keep track of them, so by the  time I sit down to write my weekly blog I often forget what I wanted to write about! Sticking to my commitment and not feeling particularly drawn to anything at the moment, I’ll share some random thoughts:

I’ve had increased energy this week. Several days I was not tired at bedtime! Seems that eating more veggies, fruit, fiber and less, sugar, processed foods, and caffeine, is quite good for you. Huh. Who knew? 😉

Lemon water is totally yummy and I think my skin looks clearer.

I got a new blender and I’m excited to try blending some veggies into my smoothies. The other day someone told me that if you put spinach in your smoothie you cannot taste it. “Yeah right”, I said, all snide-like. It’s fricking true! The colour is not so lovely, but the taste is yummy.

New things added to my grocery cart this week:  Ground Flax seeds; to put in smoothies for added fiber and protein; black beans; very high in fiber so I am going to try to put them in some kind of salad, Plain Liberty Yogurt. I have recently began a love affair with Liberty yogurt. Someone healthy recommended it to me and it is this creamy delicious delight! No kidding, if you try the Mediterranean kind and you don’t like it, I will send you the money for it! My favourite is the Lemon. It tastes like lemon pie. It’s all natural with no freaky stuff in it. Plain is supposed to be so wonderful for your insides, and even though I was reluctant to taste it, I bought it anyway. My friend gave me this great tip: chop up a bunch of fruit, mix it with Greek yogurt and pour REAL maple syrup over it. Oh, my YUM!

Increasing fiber input, increases waste output. This past week the output was pretty much daily. Hurray!

Something you should know about me: For the past seven months I have been seriously working on my life, clearing out clutter, running headlong into the caustic chaos that keeps me at a distance from everything I want, and tackling emotional eating. Phew! Sounds like a lot doesn’t it? It is! The good news is that I have been eating better for months and I’ve lost about 20 lbs from the changes I’ve made and the work I’ve done. The changes I talk about on here are not all of the sudden. I NEVER would have been ready for the past three weeks if I had not been thinking and working on a lifestyle change for awhile (And I’m still not confident it will stick!). So if you are feeling like you can’t do it, you can. If you are already doing this stuff, yay for you!


These are my groceries for the week, or so. Notice the rainbow of colours? Apparently rainbows are good for you!


Another Where’s Scooby? Just for fun.

What changes have you been making? Have you been inspired by any of this blog? Please share!


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