Why do we so often put aside the things that bring us joy? I say we because I’m sure it can’t be just me. We get busy (read overwhelmed) with life’s daily tasks and forget to do the things that we love most. For example, I LOVE writing. And talking. And sharing. Hence, having a blog. It is the perfect combo of all three and yet, my entries are few and far between!

I think of blogging often, conjure up great ideas on my ridiculously long drives to work, and then somehow push them aside in favour of… well nothing really. So, here I am to tell you I am making a commitment. Eeeks; my throat closes slightly when I say that. I am going to commit to writing once a week. If you know me well, you know I am not so fond of routine and have been known to have difficulty sticking to things. I’ll blame it on moods. They can change with the direction of the wind. However, I do enjoy blogging and let’s face it, my life is not so exciting that I can’t make time for it. So here it goes!

See you next week 🙂



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