Today’s Musing With a Dash of Rant

One of these days I am going to get my life in order.
Yeah right.

How long have I been saying that? Surely since the dinosaurs roamed the earth; that’s what it feels like anyway. No matter how hard I try (yes, I really do) , I am always out of whack. I used to think it was because of my broken brain, you know, it works a little differently than your’s. Nope, it is not that. Last winter I got my brain in pretty good working order. Lately I was thinking it was because I had to get up too early, and was responsible for doing things like operating my vehicle for a 40 minute drive to work. Nope, got up today and didn’t leave the house until 8:30 and I was still scrambling!

I forget to take my grocery bags that are hanging on the door handle I need to turn before I can leave my house. I drink a ton of water daily and I often leave my water bottle behind. I have nearly run out of gas three times since I have moved to the townships.  I get lost using a GPS to places I have been to before! Sheesh! And tonight, I was trying to think ahead by charging my camera for tomorrow’s field trip, and of course (as I have done too many times to admit) I could not find, then figure out which cord could do that for me.

Talk about frustration. When these things happen, I can feel my temperature rising. I get so angry at myself for continually making the same
mistakes. Then subsequently, I try to calm down at the thought of all the cortisol streaming through my body, and then I get mad again because I brought it on myself. No wonder I eat so much ice cream!

As for today, I awakened from a wonderful sleep, had plenty of time to get ready, the sun was shining, and still I misread the time for the workshop I was attending, ended up shoving my toast in my mouth on the way out the door, got lost on the way there and the way back, and mixed up the camera cords! I give up.  Perhaps the lingo these days is, “I surrender”.  I am a scatterbrain. There, I said it.

It was much less obvious to me when I lived in the woods, most likely due to the different pace of life. Now, there is no denying it. Hello, my name is Nancy and I am a scatterbrain. If you know me well this may not be news to you (looking right at you mom), but it sort of is to me and I am done being frustrated about it. From here on in I am embracing my scatterbrained self along with my recently aquired ice cream addiction and my lowest I have seen in quite sometime pay cheque. 🙂




3 thoughts on “Today’s Musing With a Dash of Rant

  1. Aaaahhhhh finally (as I’m grinning from ear to ear)… last you embrace it……. way to go. Remember, when you accept where you are, the Universe will help you work to change it 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Hey, welcome to the club. My shopping bags can be beside me in the car or in my lap while I’m driving to the store and I’ll still forget to take them in the store. By the way, being a scatterbrain is just a sign of genius.

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