Imagine This

“Imagine there’s no heaven…” just kidding. I have to
say I have a brilliant imagination. All day long I drift in and out of my
imaginings. As a child I would imagine I was the host of a television talent
show (think “Gong Show”) and proceed to act out various performances as well as
being the host. I would use my good old fashioned tape recorder to record these
shows and later, when listening to them again, imagine it all coming true!

There are universal every day things we all imagine;
losing weight (in this particular fantasy I am lean and strong and my hair
seems to have an added sheen too), having the dream job (travel
writer/novelist/ice cream taster), or living in our ideal home. I might be
driving along on one of my adventures, one where I actually leave the house and
notice a faded Cedar Shake house near the ocean. Instantly I envision myself on
the veranda sipping my morning coffee, sand covered flip flops discarded on the
stairs that lead to my private beach. I can’t tell you how many times I have
imagined myself living on a tropical island! If daydream voyages could
accumulate Aeroplan points, I would have enough to take that trip around the
world I’ve been longing for.

Some of us have imaginings of fame. I have often
pondered what it would be like to be able to sing/dance professionally, perhaps
be on a television show such as Glee. When I was eight years old, I
leapt around in my pink and blue striped leg warmers clutching the registration
form for the local dance academy, willing my mother to read my mind and scrape
together the money to send me there. Never mind that I can’t sing or dance!  Reluctant to let go of that particular dream,
I have (more times than I care to admit) attempted to create my own rendition
of Beyonce’s “All the Single Ladies”.  Once
after seeing a nightly show, in a haze from Cuba’s finest beverage, I actually performed
my own show; alone, spinning and strutting around my hotel room like I was
something special! I was so certain I could move like those half dressed
chickas. The following morning I was left with a stiff neck and the stone cold
reality that life on the stage was never to be.

Imagination is wondrous! I don’t want to stop our minds
from doing what they do best. After all, we can experience countless hours of
joy and delight from our fantasies and come up with creative solutions to daily
dilemmas. However, I do want you and I to pull up a comfy chair, grab a
favourite beverage and imagine this:

Imagine being good enough as you are. Everything is as
it should be. You have all the love you need (even if it doesn’t come in the
package you thought it would). You will get everywhere you need to g0. Imagine
the importance of the contributions you are making to the world. Go ahead,

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