Na na na na…Goodbye!

Russell, is out! I must admit I did not think it would happen so quickly, but I am satisfied to see him go (the nasty bugger). Now, I have never bought into the theory that you have to play “clean” to be worthy of the Sole Survivior title. You know, no lying, cheating, backstabbing. It is a game of Outwit, Outlast, and Outplay, and to do that successfully one has to do a certain amount of those things. However, I don’t believe in being a jerk, or treating people badly, as Russell did. For that reason, I am happy he is out. His tears at the end? It was momentarily moving, and then he was back to (as one of the players described it) his “Russellness”. Bye Bye!

Grant: Super sexy! I wonder if he is available…

Matt: How gorgeous is he? So sweet consoling Russell.

Phillip: Special Agent my arse! There is no way he could have passed the psychological tests. He couldn’t outsmart a fly!

Julie: Great necklace

 Rob: How can you not love him?

Can’t wait to see what happens next week!


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