Ah ha!

All week I have been thinking about how bored , unchallenged (aside from annoying challeges no one wants), and uninspired I am. I want to write! I want to create! I want to love and be loved. But alas,  my proverbial canvas remains blank. If only I could leave, if only I had more people to interact with, if only I lived at the beach, if only…

I’ve decided this will be my last year in the North. I have been dragging my heels on this decision for awhile, preferring instead to sit back and dream “if only”. Unable to propel myself forward on my own, I’ve been racking my brain trying to find a way to be excited about something. When your day consists of the same routines, same people, weather, and disappointments, it can feel like you are slowly drifting away from the self you once knew (or the one you want to know). I am ready to move on to new challenges, meet new people, try new things and in one word; thrive.

This morning as I was floating in Body Esscentials Seaside Mist, it came to me. Oh, how I love the scent of the ocean and the warmth of the water on my skin. The way I am enveloped in the bounty of bubbles could be described as “joie” or “bliss”, right here in my own bathroom in the North. My mind started wandering to waterfalls in the jungle and how I would like to bathe in one, how there are so many places in the world I have yet to visit. I began thinking about all the things I love, and things I want to do. I was simply reminded to say to myself, “how about” instead of “if only”. 

How to Get Inspired:

Take a bubble bath!

Eat cherry pie

Get rid of all your ugly clothes (stop hanging on to things because they are practical)

Colour/cut your hair

Do something nice for someone

Cook a new recipe

Create something – check out “Stampin’  Up” or “Djeco”


Go to www.Amazon.ca and find a book you loved, then browse through other books that are similar and buy one.

Try something new (I am going to try snowshoeing and cross country skiing in the upcoming days)

Paint your nails and decorate them with nail stickers

Buy something frivolous i.e., a doll with pink hair, yellow nail polish

Change the cover on your bed

Make a collage from magazines with pictures that delight you

Bake cupcakes and share them with a kid

Do some cleaning and give away of all the things you don’t like or don’t use any more.

Start a blog!


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