Redemption Island Idiots

Oh, my! What a show. I don’t have a tv, so I had to download Survivor 22 Redemption Island and I just finished watching it. It always surprises me how stupid people can be on this show. After 22 shows, one would think viewers had learned a thing or two. For example:

  • Don’t piss off the strongest players off the get go (Francesca dogging on Rob right before he was put on the same team)
  • If you find the immunity idol, don’t tell someone you admittedly don’t trust!
  • Never show your hand at Tribal Council (Oh, yes, I have the idol and I was going to vote for you)
  • Don’t act like a weirdo on your first day out (Philip)

I was shocked at the foolishness and uproar at the first Tribal Council. What were they thinking??? I literally laughed outloud (and saw it coming a mile away) when Philip started tattling on Kristina and Francesca and their plans to get rid of Rob. Ha! Have you watched Survivor before? Do you know who “Boston Rob” is? Damn rookies!

All in all it was an interesting show and I am excited and delighted that Rob is back. I will never tire of watching his mind at work and the laid back way he glides through everything he does. Rob I heart you!

Final thoughts:

Like: The farmer, looking forward to seeing him in action.

Yuck: Russell, Francesca, Philip, and especially Kristina.

Can’t wait till next week!


One thought on “Redemption Island Idiots

  1. Although they acted like a bunch of school kids…… really looks like it’s going to be a very interesting season 🙂 Way to go Boston Rob!!!

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