Promises; the word brings to mind childhood crushes, shared secrets, and best friends promising not to tell. Or, a special ring given to a high school sweetheart, as a promise to be your one and only forever (I had one of those). Cheesy as these sound, I for one have always taken promises quite seriously.

I very rarely make promises, but when I do I keep them. I promised my little eight year old cousin to take her to Disney if she could save a portion of the cost. She saved $500.00 and we had the best time! As I embark on the journey of my 38th year on this planet, I would like to make the following promises to myself:

  • I will not be afraid of the darkness
  • I will let go of false beliefs and search for new ones
  • I will be strong
  • I will participate in life
  • I will revel in the silence and listen for the calm inside me
  • I will feel the feelings!
  • I will not hide from the world

I pinky swear.


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